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Our Super Tutor Partners

The superheroes of the VCE universe

Very much like the Avengers in the Marvel universe, we have searched and assembled the superheroes within the VCE universe to save the lives of our students. We are partnering up with them so that our students don’t have to go through the hardship of finding them only to be placed on a waiting list, AsterQ will allow students to gain access to these Super Tutors directly without needing to pay a hefty price.

The minimum requirement for a super tutor:

  • Have to at least have taught the subject for 10 years.
  • Have to at least have maintained a percentage of 75% of students receiving a VCE study score of 40 or above. (top 9%)

If you meet these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for a possible partnership with AsterQ.

The Current Super Tutor Team

Please be aware that the list below will be updated without notice.

- Super Tutors

Peter Lin

The Physics Super Tutor

With the help of his unique acceleration class, Peter maintained a high percentage of students achieving a study score of 40 and above. Peter had multiple years with more than 90% of students getting a study score of 40+ and a significant number of his students got a raw 50 (the perfect study score).

Peter obtained both his Masters of Mechatronics Engineering degree and his Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Melbourne. He had 11 years of experience in teaching physics, however, he also helped his students with other VCE math subjects such as Math Methods and Specialist Maths

During his high school years, Peter failed most of his subjects before year 12 and was given a warning of the possibility to be expelled. After working extremely hard throughout his year 12, he was able to climb up the rank and prove everyone wrong. Such a unique experience allowed Peter to resonance with his students, especially those who had the same experience at school.

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